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The effect of the Enhanced (Continuous) Disclosure Regime on the Informational Efficiency of the Australian Equity Market

Project Member(s): Taylor, S.

Funding or Partner Organisation: Australian Research Council (ARC Large Grant)

Start year: 1998

Summary: Australia's Continuous Dislcosure regime (CD), introduced in September 1994, is unique. It obliges listed companies to make timely disclosures of all value-relevant information, with few carfe-outs. In November, 1996 CASAC reported there was no strong evidence that CD had any significant impact on the efficiency of the Australian share market. However, this conclusion comes from a SIRCA study undertaken too soon after CD's introduction to be reliable. Our project will be definitive. It will (1) develop significantly better tests of investros' responses to regulated disclosures and (2) incorporate five years' data (sufficient to reach valid conclusions). This project has focussed on changes in the disclosure practices and accounting properties of Australian firms, as well as properties of analysts forecasts, and the influence of changes in corporate regulations.


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