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A Robotic System for Steel Bridge Maintenance

Funding: 2007: $75,000
2008: $132,500
2009: $115,000
2010: $57,500

Project Member(s): Liu, D., Ha, Q.

Funding or Partner Organisation: NSW Roads and Traffic Authority (from 2012 RMS) (NSW Roads & Traffic Authority Partnership Fund)
Australian Research Council (ARC Linkage Projects)

Start year: 2007

Summary: The project will develop methodologies to enable a robotic system to perform maintenance tasks associated with complex civil infrastructure. The primary application is to autonomously remove paint containing hazardous materials such as lead and asbestos from important traffic infrastructures such as steel bridges. A prototype autonomous system will be developed and the key issues in deploying such a system in the field will be addressed. The outcomes will lay the foundation for the use of autonomous robots in infrastructure maintenance, significantly improve worker's occupational health and safety, greatly reduce cost and improve the efficiency and productivity of maintenance operations.'',


Paul, G, Kwok, N & Liu, D 2013, 'A novel surface segmentation approach for robotic manipulator-based maintenance operation planning', AUTOMATION IN CONSTRUCTION, vol. 29, pp. 136-147.
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Keywords: Intelligent systems, Robotics, Infrastructure, Bridge maintenance,

FOR Codes: Construction machinery and equipment, Road safety, Occupational health (excl. economic development aspects), Manufacturing Robotics and Mechatronics (excl. Automotive Mechatronics), Mechanical Engineering not elsewhere classified, Machinery and Equipment not elsewhere classified, Occupational Health, Transport Engineering, Manufacturing robotics, Machinery and equipment, Specific population health (excl. Indigenous health), Ground transport