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Preventive health care: How compatible are clinicians' identity and practice with transition to the new roles that health reform requires?

Funding: 2007: $120,000
2008: $120,000
2009: $120,000

Funding or Partner Organisation: Australian Research Council (ARC Discovery Projects)

Start year: 2007

Summary: This project is designed to assess how health care workers cope with the various impacts of health reform and to explore ways of enhancing their preparedness for and commitment to these reforms, particularly as these reforms herald new roles, responsibilities and expectations. The significance of the project lies in the way it links reform to the in situ enactment of clinical practice and reflection through video-recording and practitioner auto-review. The project's outcomes include increased understanding of: the tension between situated practice and reform; employee commitment to the interactive implications of reform, and video-based research as individual and organizational change methodology.


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FOR Codes: Public Health and Health Services not elsewhere classified, Other Language and Culture, Other Architecture, Urban Environment and Building, Communication not elsewhere classified, Changing work patterns, Public health not elsewhere classified, Employment Patterns and Change, Built Environment and Design not elsewhere classified, Language, Communication and Culture not elsewhere classified, Other built environment and design not elsewhere classified, Other language, communication and culture not elsewhere classified, Preventative health care