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An International Comparative Analysis of Refugee Decision Making

Funding: 2006: $100,000
2007: $80,000
2008: $100,000

Project Member(s): Millbank, J.

Funding or Partner Organisation: Australian Research Council (ARC Discovery Projects)

Start year: 2006

Summary: Surprisingly little information is available about the actual practice of refugee decision making and the results of different kinds of claims (which are only recorded by the country of the claimant, not the basis of the claim). This project focuses upon practice "on the ground" to look at what is really happening. Currently, almost nothing is known about asylum seekers by category of claim (ie race, religion). This research will examine in detail many hundreds of cases made over a 10 year period. This data will contribute to a consistent and just decision making process nationally and internationally. This in turn will ultimately reduce the burgeoning trend of costly and lengthy litigation.

FOR Codes: Human Rights, Adjudication, Comparative Law, Understanding legal processes, Justice and the law not elsewhere classified, Understanding other countries, Legal Theory, Jurisprudence and Legal Interpretation, Human Rights Law, Legal Processes, International Relations not elsewhere classified