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Intercolonial networks of the Indian Ocean

Funding: 2008: $56,288
2009: $104,950
2010: $108,623

Project Member(s): Ghosh, D.

Funding or Partner Organisation: Australian Research Council (ARC Discovery Projects)
Australian Research Council (Other funds for ARC projects)

Start year: 2008

Summary: This project will significantly reassess Australia s place in a network of colonies in the Indian Ocean (IO) area. It will show that intercolonial relationships were far more important than previous imperial (and anti-imperial) studies have suggested. It will examine IO societies colonised by Portuguese, English, French and Dutch empires and illuminate how the circulation of people, commodities, technologies and ideas among them was relatively autonomous from imperial centres. This perspective will create a significant new field of research, Intercolonial Studies, based not just on a comparison of settler-colonial experience, but also on the sharing of cultural inventions among colonised peoples.


Goodall, H 2018, Beyond Borders Indians, Australians and the Indonesian Revolution, 1939 to 1950, Asian History.

Keywords: Indian Ocean, Cultural Studies, Transnationalism, Colonial history, Vernacular technologies, Lascars,

FOR Codes: Understanding the pasts of other societies, Globalisation and Culture, Trade and Environment, International Relations not elsewhere classified, Multicultural, Intercultural and Cross-cultural Studies