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An Integrated Framework, Supporting Tools and Process Guidelines for Measuring and Managing Inconsistencies in Software Requirements

Project Member(s): Zowghi, D.

Funding or Partner Organisation: Department of Innovation, Industry, Science and Research (Previously known as DEST) (Australia-China Special Fund, DEST)

Start year: 2007


Liu, C, Zowghi, D & Talaei-Khoei, A 2020, 'An empirical study of the antecedents of data completeness in electronic medical records', International Journal of Information Management, vol. 50, pp. 155-170.
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Wang, C, Jin, Z, Zhang, W, Zowghi, D, Zhao, H & Jiao, W 2020, 'Activity Diagram Synthesis Using Labelled Graphs And the Genetic Algorithm', Journal of Computer Science and Technology, vol. 33, no. 1, pp. 1-23.
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Mu, K, Jin, Z, Liu, W, Zowghi, D & Wei, B 2013, 'Measuring the significance of inconsistency in the Viewpoints framework', Science Of Computer Programming, vol. 78, pp. 1572-1599.
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FOR Codes: Software Engineering, Application tools and system utilities