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The training and job decisions of nurses: an integrated approach using panel surveys and dynamic choice experiments

Funding: 2008: $60,000
2009: $60,000
2010: $60,000
2011: $60,000
2012: $60,000

Project Member(s): Hall, J., Street, D.

Funding or Partner Organisation: Australian Research Council (ARC Discovery Projects)

Start year: 2008

Summary: The nursing shortage in Australia is considered to be at crisis stage. The results of this study will lead to improved recruitment and retention of students in nursing, improved retention of new nurses in the health workforce, better design of nursing roles and job structure, and testing of the acceptability of changed health service delivery models. It will also lead to better health workforce planning. The study directly contributes to filling the gaps in health labour force quantitative studies identified in a recent Productivity Commission Report, and provides a basis for the implementation of the Commission's recommendations.

FOR Codes: Applied Economics, Nursing, Employment Patterns and Change, Health Policy Evaluation, Evaluation of health and support services, Provision of health and support services, Work and labour market