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A Cross-disciplinary Approach to Language Support for First Year Students in the Science Disciplines

Project Member(s): Schulte, J.

Funding or Partner Organisation: The Carrick Institute for Learning and Teaching in Higher Education Pty (Carrick Institute Leadership for Excellence in Learning and Teaching projects)

Start year: 2008


Schulte, J, Roger, J, Zhang, F, Yates, B, Bridgeman, A & Lidbury, B 1970, 'Language difficulties in first year Science - an interim report', UniServe Science Proceedings 2009, UniServe Science, UniServe, University of Sydney, Sydney, pp. 139-145.

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Schulte, J, Zhang, F, Lidbury, B, Bridgeman, A, Yates, B & Rodger, J 1970, 'Embedding in-discipline language support for first year students in the sciences', AUSTRALIAN ASSOCIATION FOR RESEARCH IN EDUCATION Conference 2009 (AARE 2009), AUSTRALIAN ASSOCIATION FOR RESEARCH IN EDUCATION, Canberra, pp. 1-20.

FOR Codes: Science, Technology and Engineering Curriculum and Pedagogy, Learner and Learning Processes, Science, technology and engineering curriculum and pedagogy, Learner and learning