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Being Famous in China: Celebrities, Heroes and Public Figures

Funding: 2009: $96,000
2010: $92,000
2011: $58,000

Project Member(s): Jeffreys, E., Allatson, P.

Funding or Partner Organisation: Australian Research Council (ARC Discovery Projects)

Start year: 2009

Summary: Celebrity is a pervasive aspect of everyday life. Currently, the mechanisms by which celebrity and fame have been performed and mobilised in China are poorly understood. This project fills that gap. It accesses the theoretical approaches of celebrity studies from outside of China scholarship and connects them with a comprehensive cultural, historical and political understanding of modern and contemporary Chinese society. In so doing it produces the first major analysis of Chinese conceptions of celebrity and fame and a foundation upon which a more global conception of celebrity can be developed.


Jeffreys, E & Allatson, P 2015, Celebrity Philanthropy, First, Intellect / University of Chicago Press, Bristol and Chicago.

Jeffreys, E 2015, 'On Celebrity Philanthropy' in Jeffreys, E & Allatson, P (eds), Celebrity Philanthropy, The University of Chicago Press, Bristol, UK.

Keywords: China, Celebrity, History, Politics, Gender, Place,

FOR Codes: History: Asian, Culture, Gender, Sexuality, Understanding other countries, Understanding the pasts of other societies, International Relations not elsewhere classified, Culture, Gender, Sexuality, Asian History, Understanding Africa's Past