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Discovering Activity Patterns Driven by High Impacts in Heterogeneous and Imbalanced Data

Funding: 2009: $113,000
2010: $110,000
2011: $105,000

Project Member(s): Cao, L., Zhang, C.

Funding or Partner Organisation: Australian Research Council (ARC Discovery Projects)

Start year: 2009

Summary: Insider trading and terrorist behaviour lead to serious adverse impacts on businesses and society. In order to discover patterns related to such high impact activities, new pattern types need to be developed and multiform, imbalanced and heterogeneous data needs to be knowledgeably mined. Effective approaches for doing so are not currently available. We will develop innovative approaches and workable tools, algorithms and activity pattern types related to complex high impact-activity driven data. The project will contribute to the detection of high impact activity occurrences and a reduction in resulting risks in critical areas such as market surveillance and national security, and help keep Australia s global leading role in such issues.


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Keywords: Activity Mining, Data Mining, Complex Data,

FOR Codes: Artificial Intelligence and Image Processing not elsewhere classified, Simulation and Modelling, Information processing services, Application tools and system utilities, Computer software and services not elsewhere classified, Information Processing Services (incl. Data Entry and Capture), Computer Time Leasing, Sharing and Renting Services