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Development of direct-write focussed electron beam processing techniques for nano-fabrication applications

Funding: 2009: $80,000
2010: $70,000
2011: $70,000

Project Member(s): Phillips, M.

Funding or Partner Organisation: Australian Research Council (ARC Discovery Projects)

Start year: 2009

Summary: Focused electron beam induced etching and deposition (EBIED) in a variable pressure scanning electron microscope is a highly promising one step technique for the rapid fabrication of 3D high purity nanostructures and nanodevices at the nanometre scale. In this project a major multi-faceted theoretical and experimental research program will be established to study the fundamental physics and chemistry of EBIED, so that the process can be fully understood and optimised. These new insights will facilitate the development of novel platform technologies for frontier nano- and biotechnology research as well as providing revolutionary nanoprocessing tools for the semiconductor, micro- and nano-electro- mechanical systems (MEMS) industries.

Keywords: material engineering, nanofabrication, nanotechnology, lithography, electron microscopy,

FOR Codes: Expanding Knowledge in the Physical Sciences, Synchrotrons; Accelerators; Instruments and Techniques, Materials Engineering, Nanotechnology, Other, Physical sciences, Construction Materials Performance and Processes not elsewhere classified, Synchrotrons and accelerators, Glass materials