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Evaluation of train driver work culture and environment for improving railway safety

Funding: 2009: $77,000
2010: $65,000
2011: $75,000

Funding or Partner Organisation: Australian Research Council (ARC Linkage Projects)
Signal Network Technology Pty Ltd (Signal Network Technology Pty Ltd (Signet))

Start year: 2011

Summary: This proposal aims to assess the relationship between drivers and their working environment for creating a safer workplace. Innovation that can reduce accidents in train drivers will constitute substantial socio-economic and emotional benefit to Australia. Understanding drivers interaction with the locomotive and identifying areas of modification to improve safety will benefit the transport industry. The proposed research will lead to the creation of management programs and intelligent countermeasure algorithms for stress and fatigue, as well as information on train driver timetabling and cabin. Furthermore, the results from this study will guide policy makers and railway managers to make the railway environment safer.'',

Keywords: driver work environment, transport safety, signal processing, driver behaviour and physiology, countermeasures, shift work and scheduling,

FOR Codes: Road and Rail Transportation, Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety, Biological Psychology (Neuropsychology, Psychopharmacology, Physiological Psychology), Rail transport, Occupational health (excl. economic development aspects), Rail equipment, Occupational Health, Biomechanical Engineering, Rail Freight, Occupational and workplace health and safety