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ARC/NWC National Centre for Groundwater Research and Training

Funding: 2009: $137,259
2010: $260,949
2011: $306,141
2012: $317,437
2013: $305,010
2014: $28,808

Project Member(s): Eamus, D.

Funding or Partner Organisation: Australian Research Council (ARC/NWC Co-funded centre for groundwater research and training)

Start year: 2009

Summary: Australia faces severe water shortages and is heavily dependent on groundwater for domestic, agricultural and industrial water supplies with groundwater accounting for >30% of total water consumption. A critical mass of internationally recognised scientists in groundwater research and related disciplines, coupled with investment in research and training across the nation over five years will provide policy makers with the knowledge to manage groundwater sustainably and securely, and to better understand and maximise its value to the community, the environment and industry. The Centre will also be responsible for training the next generation of groundwater professionals critically needed to effectively manage this resource. The benefits of the research and training will ultimately enhance the social, economic and environmental wellbeing of all Australians.


Nolan, RH, Tarin, T, Rumman, R, Cleverly, J, Fairweather, KA, Zolfaghar, S, Santini, NS, O'Grady, AP & Eamus, D 2018, 'Contrasting ecophysiology of two widespread arid zone tree species with differing access to water resources', Journal of Arid Environments, vol. 153, pp. 1-10.
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Zolfaghar, S, Villalobos-Vega, R, Zeppel, M, Cleverly, J, Rumman, R, Hingee, M, Boulain, N, Li, Z & Eamus, D 2017, 'Transpiration of Eucalyptus woodlands across a natural gradient of depth-to-groundwater', Tree Physiology, vol. 37, no. 7, pp. 961-975.
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Zolfaghar, S, Villalobos-Vega, R, Cleverly, J & Eamus, D 2015, 'Co-ordination among leaf water relations and xylem vulnerability to embolism of Eucalyptus trees growing along a depth-to-groundwater gradient', TREE PHYSIOLOGY, vol. 35, no. 7, pp. 732-743.
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Zolfaghar, S, Villalobos-Vega, R, Zeppel, M & Eamus, D 2015, 'The hydraulic architecture of Eucalyptus trees growing across a gradient of depth-to-groundwater', FUNCTIONAL PLANT BIOLOGY, vol. 42, no. 9, pp. 888-898.
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Keywords: Hydrogeology; Groundwater Modelling; Surface Water-Groundwater Interaction; Groundwater Dependent Ecosystems; Hydro geochemistry; Groundwater policy and decision support.

FOR Codes: Natural Resource Management, Forest and Woodlands Land Management, Forest and Woodlands Water Management, Plant Biology, Terrestrial systems and management