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NextGen: the next generation of Australian affordable housing for urban neighbourhoods.

Project Member(s): Onyx, J., Prior, J.

Start year: 2010

Summary: AIMS: Identify ways to mitigate the Australian housing affordability crisis at an urban neighbourhood level for sustainable developments that house people on mid-to-low incomes. This will be through establishing and modelling the influence of design and typologies, regulations, costing, ownership, infrastructure, socio-cultural attitudes. SIGNIFICANCE: Applying a multidisciplinary approach to understanding the interconnectivity of the factors affecting affordability. Deriving affordability options that appeal economically to developers will be a key innovation. Developing a new qualitative response model for ¿what if¿ housing scenarios. OUTCOMES: Conference papers, journal publications, public web-based Wiki and online ¿what if¿ modelling tool. Public symposium and exhibition with catalogue. Public, national press coverage. Development of postgraduate courses at UTS in collaboration with RMIT.

FOR Codes: Architectural Design, Urban Analysis and Development, Urban Sociology and Community Studies, Expanding Knowledge in Built Environment and Design