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Strengthening leadership capacity in Australia's rapidly changing aged and community care sector

Funding: 2010: $29,669
2011: $29,669
2012: $29,669

Project Member(s): Sankaran, S.

Funding or Partner Organisation: Australian Research Council (ARC Linkage Projects)

Start year: 2010

Summary: The project aims to produce a viable, dynamic and interactive leadership framework for the not-for-profit Aged and Community Care sector to deal with current and future change and volatility. Existing static, uni-dimensional frameworks have failed to meet the needs of the sector because they are limited in their scope and have proven to be inadequate for developing the leadership skills required in this complex and rapidly changing field. The framework being tested through this research is multi-dimensional, dynamic and can accommodate diverse organisational contexts, enhanced the leadership capacity of individuals, organisations and the sector. It presents a real paradigm shift.


Sankaran, S, Illingworth, BV, Dick, B & Shaw, K 2018, 'Potential use of Delphi to conduct mixed-methods research: A study of a research project on leadership.', ACSPRI Social Science Methodology Conference, ACSPRI, Sydney, NSW, Australia.
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Biesenthal, CE & Sankaran, S 2016, 'The pragmatic nature of governance in megaprojects'.
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Dick, B, Sankaran, S, Shaw, K, Kelly, J, Soar, J, Davies, A & Banbury, A 2015, 'Value Co-creation with Stakeholders Using Action Research as a Meta-methodology in a Funded Research Project', Project Management Journal, vol. 46, no. 2, pp. 36-46.
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Cartwright, C, Ryan, N, Sankaran, SHANKAR & Soar, J ASLaRC, Southern Cross University An innovative model of leadership development for the not-for-profit aged and community care sector, no. ISBN 978-0-9871316-4-5, Lismore.
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Keywords: leadership; ageing; management; not for profit; community care; futures planning.

FOR Codes: Management, Organisation and Management Theory, Human Resources Management