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Addressing the 'crime problem' of the Northern Territory Intervention: alternate paths to regulating minor driving offences in remote communities

Project Member(s): Anthony, T.

Funding or Partner Organisation: Criminology Research Council (Criminology Research Council Research Grants)

Start year: 2010


Anthony, T & Blagg, H 2020, 'Roads to freedom? Indigenous mobility and settler law in Central Australia' in Carlen, P & Ayres Fran├ža, L (eds), Justice Alternatives, Routledge, Oxon, pp. 144-157.

Anthony, T & Tranter, K 2016, 'Car Crimes and Cultural Imagination' in Rafter, N & Brown, M (eds), Oxford Research Encyclopedia: Criminology and Criminal Justice, Oxford University Press, UK, pp. 1-26.
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Anthony, T 2012, 'Northern Territory Intervention and Indigenous Criminalisation: Implications for Pre-trial and Post-sentencing', Uluru Criminal Law Conference, Legalwise Seminars, Uluru, pp. 1-17.

FOR Codes: Criminal Justice, Criminology