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Improving road safety: advanced hybrid vehicle-based technology for monitoring driver drowsiness

Funding: 2011: $80,000
2012: $80,000
2013: $80,000

Funding or Partner Organisation: Australian Research Council (ARC Linkage Projects)
Compumedics Ltd
Charite University Hospital

Start year: 2011

Summary: Innovative technology geared towards reducing road accidents and fatalities (for improving public health) will constitute major socio economic benefit to Australia. The Australian Transport Safety Bureau notes fatigue as a major cause of road accidents (2006). The World Health Organisation dedicated World Health Day 2004 to road safety and emphasized the importance of combating fatigue ('Road Safety is no Accident'). This research will develop an innovative driver drowsiness detecting technology. With drowsiness attributable to substantial road fatalities, this technology aims to reduce this emotional and socio economic burden on the community, contributing to national and community benefit by providing a safer road environment.

FOR Codes: Biomedical Engineering not elsewhere classified, Technology not elsewhere classified, Medical Physiology not elsewhere classified, Road Safety, Expanding Knowledge in Technology, Health not elsewhere classified, Medical biotechnology not elsewhere classified, Ground transport, Other health, EXPANDING KNOWLEDGE