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Gender Related Harms in Forced Migration: A Comparative International Study

Funding: 2012: $124,617
2013: $129,411
2014: $113,324

Project Member(s): Millbank, J.

Funding or Partner Organisation: University of British Columbia (The University of British Columbia)
Australian Research Council (ARC Discovery Projects)

Start year: 2012

Summary: This project interrogates how refugee law has been transformed by gender. We explore this key development by addressing three axes of inquiry: * Analysis of the impact of gender on the global development of refugee jurisprudence; * Consideration of how gender exposes the relationship between refugee law, human rights law and migration law (including human trafficking, smuggling and securitization); * Exploration throughout of the thematic and conceptual evolution of 'gendered identity'. Our claim is that the uncoordinated national practice of refugee law has created a dynamic inter-relation of legal categories and key concepts which have shaped, and in turn been reshaped, by the explicit articulation of gender-related claims.


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View/Download from: Publisher's site

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Arbel, E, Dauvergne, C & Millbank, J 2014, 'Gender in refugee law: From the margins to the centre', Gender in Refugee Law: From the Margins to the Centre, pp. 1-295.
View/Download from: Publisher's site

Berg, LA & Millbank, J 2013, 'Developing a Jurisprudence of Transgender Particular Social Group' in Thomas Spijkerboer (ed), Fleeing Homophobia: Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Asylum, Routledge, Oxford, pp. 121-153.

Millbank, J 2013, 'Sexual Orientation and Refugee Status Determination over the Past 20 years: Unsteady Progress through Standard Sequences?' in Thomas Spijkerboer (ed), Fleeing Homophobia: Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Asylum, Routledge, Oxford, pp. 32-54.

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Keywords: gender related harmrefugee lawhuman rightsgender identityfeminist jurisprudencesexual orientation

FOR Codes: Human Rights Law, Legal Processes, International Law (excl. International Trade Law), International Organisations, Legal Theory, Jurisprudence and Legal Interpretation, International Relations not elsewhere classified