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Dissecting key steps of the miRNA-mediated gene regulation and its implication in immune response and cancer

Funding: 2011: $79,316
2012: $163,700
2013: $170,100
2014: $175,249
2015: $88,626

Funding or Partner Organisation: Australian Research Council (ARC Future Fellowships)

Start year: 2011

Summary: miRNAs are key regulators of many biological pathways and important factors in the development of many diseases and immune responses. By studying essential steps of the miRNA pathway we will reveal the mechanism of small RNA loading, the regulation of the turnover of Argonautes, the effector proteins of the pathway, and dissect the mechanism of miRNA-mediated gene regulation. Our findings will not only advance the understanding of this important gene regulatory mechanism but it has a potential to improve RNAi and explain aspects of miRNA-mediated immune responses and the host pathogen arms race.


Ahadi, A, Sablok, G & Hutvagner, G 2017, 'miRTar2GO: a novel rule-based model learning method for cell line specific microRNA target prediction that integrates Ago2 CLIP-Seq and validated microRNA–target interaction data', Nucleic Acids Research, vol. 45, no. 6, pp. e42-e42.
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Connerty, P, Bajan, S, Remenyi, J, Fuller-Pace, FV & Hutvagner, G 2016, 'The miRNA biogenesis factors, p72/DDX17 and KHSRP regulate the protein level of Ago2 in human cells', Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA) - Gene Regulatory Mechanisms, vol. 1859, no. 10, pp. 1299-1305.
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Remenyi, J, Bajan, S, Fuller-Pace, FV, Arthur, JSC & Hutvagner, G 2016, 'The loop structure and the RNA helicase p72/DDX17 influence the processing efficiency of the mice miR-132', Scientific Reports, vol. 6, no. 1.
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Keywords: regulatory RNA;proteomics;protein stability

FOR Codes: Biochemistry and Cell Biology not elsewhere classified, Health not elsewhere classified, Biomedical Engineering, Biochemistry and cell biology not elsewhere classified , Determinants of health, Other health not elsewhere classified