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The Australasian Legal History Library: Creating Historical Depth in Legal Data on AustLII, to Improve all Legal Research - LIEF LE120100062

Funding: 2012: $330,000

Project Member(s): Mowbray, A., Dorsett, S.

Funding or Partner Organisation: University of Tasmania
Australian National University (The Australian National University)
Macquarie University
University of New South Wales (The University of New South Wales Partnership Fund)
University of Sydney (The University of Sydney Partnership Fund)
Western Sydney University (University of Western Sydney Partner Funds)
Australian Research Council (ARC Linkage Infrastructure)
Griffith University
University of Queensland (The University of Queensland)
University of Adelaide (The University of Adelaide)
Australian Law Librarians' Association (Australian Law Librarians Association)

Start year: 2012

Summary: The Australasian Legal History Library, to be located on AustLII and available for free access, will provide the most comprehensive online source of pre-1950 Australasian primary legal materials (legislation, cases etc) and a broad selection of key secondary sources (law reform reports, textbooks, memoirs, journal articles etc). Comprehensive legislation and case law from all colonies (subsequently States, Territories or NZ) up to 1950 will be added if possible. Citation records in the automated LawCite citator will show how these historical materials are used in current legal decisions. A sub-Library will be dedicated to the colonial period. The Library will revolutionise AustLII, making it near-comprehensive for Australasian law.

Keywords: legal information system;text retrieval;hypertext;citations;comparative law;history

FOR Codes: Law not elsewhere classified, Justice and the Law not elsewhere classified, Australian History (excl. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander History), Understanding Australia's Past, Comparative Law, Australian history , Public law not elsewhere classified, Understanding Australia¿¿¿s past