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Determining Structure and Mode-of-Action of Insecticidal Peptides - Student: Slawomir Dziemborowicz

Funding or Partner Organisation: IMBCOM Pty Ltd

Start year: 2011


Herzig, V, Ikonomopoulou, M, Smith, JJ, Dziemborowicz, S, Gilchrist, J, Kuhn-Nentwig, L, Rezende, FO, Moreira, LA, Nicholson, GM, Bosmans, F & King, GF 2016, 'Molecular basis of the remarkable species selectivity of an insecticidal sodium channel toxin from the African spider Augacephalus ezendami', SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, vol. 6.
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Ikonomopoulou, MP, Smith, JJ, Herzig, V, Pineda, SS, Dziemborowicz, S, Er, S-Y, Durek, T, Gilchrist, J, Alewood, PF, Nicholson, GM, Bosmans, F & King, GF 2016, 'Isolation of two insecticidal toxins from venom of the Australian theraphosid spider Coremiocnemis tropix', TOXICON, vol. 123, pp. 62-70.
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Bende, NS, Dziemborowicz, S, Herzig, V, Ramanujam, V, Brown, GW, Bosmans, F, Nicholson, GM, King, GF & Mobli, M 2015, 'The insecticidal spider toxin SFI1 is a knottin peptide that blocks the pore of insect voltage-gated sodium channels via a large beta-hairpin loop', FEBS JOURNAL, vol. 282, no. 5, pp. 904-920.
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Bende, NS, Dziemborowicz, S, Mobli, M, Herzig, V, Gilchrist, J, Wagner, J, Nicholson, GM, King, GF & Bosmans, F 2014, 'A distinct sodium channel voltage-sensor locus determines insect selectivity of the spider toxin Dc1a', NATURE COMMUNICATIONS, vol. 5, no. 11 July, pp. 4350-4359.
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FOR Codes: Control of Plant Pests, Diseases and Exotic Species in Farmland, Arable Cropland and Permanent Cropland Environments, Agricultural Chemicals not elsewhere classified, Toxicology (incl. Clinical Toxicology), Neurosciences not elsewhere classified, Structural Biology (incl. Macromolecular Modelling), Unprocessed Grains, Toxicology (incl. clinical toxicology) , Control of pests, diseases and exotic species in terrestrial environments