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Automotive Australia 2020 AUTOCRC (Stage 1 Approved) Stage 2 Approved

Project Member(s): Wang, G., Ung, A.

Funding or Partner Organisation: Department of Innovation, Industry, Science & Research (Cooperative Research Centre Round 14)

Start year: 2013

Summary: AA2020CRC¿s research agenda has been set by industry and addresses three of the Roadmap priorities that require complex collaboration, multi-disciplinary research and new human capital: ¿ Program 1: Vehicle Electrification ¿ to position the Australian industry in key elements of the global trend towards electric vehicles (EVs); ¿ Program 2: Gaseous Fuels ¿ to address both technological and social barriers to the uptake of gaseous fuels in cars and trucks; and ¿ Program 3: Clean21 Manufacturing ¿ to make the Australian automotive industry sector cleaner, more efficient and produce greener vehicles and components more competitively.


Zheng, L, Zhu, J, Wang, G, Lu, DD-C & He, T 2018, 'Differential voltage analysis based state of charge estimation methods for lithium-ion batteries using extended Kalman filter and particle filter', Energy, vol. 158, pp. 1028-1037.
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