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Development of two speed DCT for pure electric vehicle

Funding or Partner Organisation: Ministry of Science Technology, P.R. China

Start year: 2011


Zhou, X, Walker, PD & Zhang, N 2016, 'A numerical study of the impact of wet clutch drag torque on the performance of two-speed electric vehicles', International Journal of Vehicle Performance, vol. 2, no. 2, pp. 178-178.
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Ruan, J, Zhang, N & Walker, P 1970, 'Comparing of single reduction and CVT based transmissions on battery electric vehicle', 2015 IFToMM World Congress Proceedings, IFToMM 2015, IFToMM World Congress, Taipei, Taiwan.
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FOR Codes: Mechanical Engineering, Automotive Engineering, Ground Transport not elsewhere classified, Environmentally Sustainable Energy Activities not elsewhere classified, Ground transport