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Novel Delivery of Gene Therapy for the Treatment of Advanced Prostate Cancer - NTCRU Research Scholar

Project Member(s): Tran, N.

Funding or Partner Organisation: Cancer Institute NSW

Start year: 2012


Gerace, D, Martiniello-Wilks, R, Habib, R & Simpson, AM 2019, 'Luciferase-based reporting of suicide gene activity in murine mesenchymal stem cells', PLOS ONE, vol. 14, no. 7, pp. e0220013-e0220013.
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Suurbach, JH, Habib, R, Brennan, S, Larsen, SR, Simpson, A & Martiniello-Wilks, R 1970, 'CELLULAR AND GENETIC MEDICINES ADVANCING THE TREATMENT OF METASTATIC PROSTATE CANCER', JOURNAL OF GENE MEDICINE, 9th Biennial Meeting of the Australasian-Gene-and-Cell-Therapy-Society (AGCTS), WILEY-BLACKWELL, Univ Melbourne, Univ Coll, Parkville, AUSTRALIA, pp. 198-199.

Brennan, SB, Tran, NT, Clayton, AC & Martiniello-Wilks, RMW 2013, 'Noncoding RNA in Prostate Cancer Exosomes:Offering novel Circualting Biomarkersfor Early Cancer Diagnosis and Prognosis'.

FOR Codes: Cancer Cell Biology, Cancer Therapy (excl. Chemotherapy and Radiation Therapy), Cancer and Related Disorders, Men's Health, Clinical health, Specific population health (excl. Indigenous health)