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Investigation of P14ARF-P53 in Breast Cancer Development and Recurrence

Project Member(s): McGowan, E.

Start year: 2013


Zhong, H-J, Sun, H-H, Xue, L-F, McGowan, EM & Chen, Y 2019, 'Differential hepatic features presenting in Wilson disease-associated cirrhosis and hepatitis B-associated cirrhosis.', World journal of gastroenterology, vol. 25, no. 3, pp. 378-387.
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Hatoum, D, Yagoub, D, Ahadi, A, Nassif, NT & McGowan, EM 2017, 'Annexin/S100A protein family regulation through p14ARF-p53 activation: A role in cell survival and predicting treatment outcomes in breast cancer', PLoS ONE, vol. 12, no. 1.
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McGowan, EM & hatoum, D 2015, 'P14ARF-p53-p21 alters the metabolic pathway in breast cancer – a novel proteomic global approach', Annals of Oncology 26, IMPAKT Breast cancer conference, Brussels May 6th-9th, Brussels.

McGowan, EM & Hatoum 2017, 'Activation of the p14ARF-p53 Pathway: A Role for p14ARF-p53 in the Differential Regulation of the Annexin Family and S100-Associated Proteins.', Endocrine Reviews, 94th Annual Meeting of the USA Endocrine Society, Houston, Texas. (EM, senior author), Oxford University Press (OUP), Chicago.

FOR Codes: Cancer Cell Biology