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Incorporating new knowledge of phytoplankton diversity and nutrient utilisation into an ocean-climate model to improve forecasts of ocean function

Funding: 2014: $130,000
2015: $120,000
2016: $125,000

Project Member(s): Doblin, M., Murray, S.

Funding or Partner Organisation: Australian Research Council (ARC Discovery Projects)
Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO Division of Minerals (Partnership Funding))
University of Southern California

Start year: 2014

Summary: Phytoplankton drive ocean biogeochemical cycles and regulate Earth's climate yet are poorly represented in ocean-climate models. This project will use advanced cell sorting and analysis techniques and innovative selection experiments to gain a deeper understanding of phytoplankton diversity and nutrient utilisation under projected climate change. This new knowledge will be used to improve the biological structure of an existing coupled ocean-climate model and reduce key uncertainties in forecasts of ocean function. This research will provide managers and industry with more accurate insight into the effects of ongoing climate change on the delivery of ecosystem services in eastern Australian waters.


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Keywords: biological oceanography: phytoplankton,marine eukaryote diversity,phytoplankton biogeochemistry

FOR Codes: Microbial Ecology, Effects of Climate Change and Variability on Australia (excl. Social Impacts), Biological Oceanography, Marine Flora, Fauna and Biodiversity, Climate Change Models, Marine biodiversity, Effects of climate change on Australia (excl. social impacts)