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Microfluidic Paper-Based Analytical Devices (micro-PADS) for In-Field Screening of Organic Explosives

Project Member(s): Roux, C., Doble, P.

Funding or Partner Organisation: Defence Science and Technology Group of the Department of Defence (Defence Science and Technology Organisation of the Department of Defence)

Start year: 2013


Blanes, L, Dos Santos, RO, Diplock, M, Benson, N, Doble, P & Roux, C 2017, 'DEVELOPMENT OF AN ELECTRONIC EXPLOSIVE DETECTOR USING MICROFLUIDIC PAPER-BASED ANALYTICAL DEVICES', FORENSIC SCIENCE INTERNATIONAL, 21st Triennial Meeting of the International-Association-of-Forensic-Sciences (IAFS), ELSEVIER IRELAND LTD, Toronto, CANADA, pp. 199-200.

Taudte, RV, Roux, C, Bishop, D, Blanes, L, Doble, P & Beavis, A 2015, 'Development of a UHPLC method for the detection of organic gunshot residues using artificial neural networks', Analytical Methods, vol. 7, no. 18, pp. 7447-7454.
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FOR Codes: Forensic Chemistry, Expanding Knowledge in the Chemical Sciences, Law Enforcement