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Does urban greening influence the indoor and outdoor air quality of the City of Sydney?

Project Member(s): Torpy, F.

Funding or Partner Organisation: The Council of the City of Sydney (City of Sydney)

Start year: 2013


Irga, PJ & Torpy, FR 1970, 'Can urban forestry really reduce air pollution? A field study on a city scale.', Green Infrastructure: Nature Based Solutions for Sustainable and Resilient Cities, Orvieto, Italy.

Irga, PJ & Torpy, FR 2016, 'A survey of the aeromycota of Sydney and its correspondence with environmental conditions: grass as a component of urban forestry could be a major determinant', Aerobiologia, vol. 32, no. 2, pp. 171-185.
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Irga, PJ, Burchett, MD & Torpy, FR 2015, 'Does urban forestry have a quantitative effect on ambient air quality in an urban environment?', ATMOSPHERIC ENVIRONMENT, vol. 120, pp. 173-181.
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