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A Systems Thinking Perspective for Innovation in the Pilbara

Project Member(s): Wilmot, K.

Funding or Partner Organisation: Curtin University

Start year: 2013

Summary: First in the suite of projects for Pilbara cities through the Centre for the Design of Regional Cities, this project is to use Systems Thinking to understand the context of the Pilbara Cities. It will draw on the results and findings of project 1A, being undertaken by CUSP, to map the Pilbara system of interest, including the policy and planning landscape, and what is and what could be for regional cities. This process will identify key areas of complexity and real world challenges and opportunities that are not necessarily found in the literature. Additionally, it will provide an opportunity for the whole research team to think through the complexity and interconnectedness of different parts of the research being proposed. In this way it will identify areas of research synergy, interaction/interdependency as well as new research project ideas. It will provide a set of systems frameworks (`rich' pictures) for thinking about challenges in the region and as such will provide a common platform for conversations around the existing challenges/landscape and help develop and test solutions that are proposed.

Keywords: systems thinking, Pilbara, Curtin University, CUSP, regional, cities, Western Australia

FOR Codes: Urban and Regional Planning not elsewhere classified, Regional Planning