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Commercial Building Costing Cases Studies - Traditional Design Verse Timber - RES13/457

Project Member(s): Forsythe, P., Ding, K.

Funding or Partner Organisation: Timber Development Association NSW Ltd (Timber Development Association (NSW) Ltd)

Start year: 2013

Summary: Traditionally timber and wood products in the Australian marketplace are predominately used in detached housing and dwelling construction. In contrast, structural timber and wood products have a limited share in multi-residential dwellings, and almost nil share in non-residential buildings. This study aims to create cost/value benchmarks for new and innovative forms of timber construction that relate to these latter forms of building construction. Benefits can be measured by increase number of non-housing buildings being constructed in timber. Overall success can be measured in greater timber sales.


Ding, G & Forsythe, P Forest and Wood Products Australia 2017, A Study Comparing the Global Warming Potential of Timber and Reinforced Concrete Construction in Office and Apartment Buildings, N/A, no. P NA308a - 1 213, pp. 1-16, Melbourne.

Forsythe, P Wood Solutions 2017, Rethinking Office Construction -Consider Timber, no. 26, pp. 1-47, Melbourne.

Forsythe, PJ 2016, 'Construction service quality and satisfaction for a targeted housing customer', ENGINEERING CONSTRUCTION AND ARCHITECTURAL MANAGEMENT, vol. 23, no. 3, pp. 323-348.
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Keywords: Timber, construction, cost, value

FOR Codes: Industrial Construction Design, Quantity Surveying, Residential Construction Design, Commercial Construction Processes