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Social Assessments within Solitary Islands and Batemans Marine Park

Project Member(s): Gladstone, W., Goodall, H.

Funding or Partner Organisation: NSW Department of Primary Industries

Start year: 2013

Summary: There are two distinct components of this project. Component 1 objectives are: ¿ To provide a review of the available social risk assessment literature in particular the literature that relates to marine management, and specifically Marine Protected Areas ¿ Outline social assessment methods relevant to MPAs (e.g. social impact assessment, public participation, attitudinal studies and social surveys) ¿ To review current social impact assessment frameworks and recommendations of those frameworks best suited to assessing the social undesirable outcomes listed in Table 1 in Appendix 1 of this document. ¿ Provide recommendations on relevant social assessment methods (e.g. surveys) that could be used to collate information for a social risk assessment, particularly for the assessment of shore-based recreational fishing in ocean beaches and headlands sanctuary zones. ¿ To contribute to the development of methods that allows integration of social, ecological and economic risk assessments Component 2: ¿ Conduct social assessments within Solitary Islands and Batemans Marine Parks to evaluate social values attributed to ocean beaches and headlands

Keywords: risk assessment, social impact assessment, marine protected area, fishing

FOR Codes: Environmental Management, Environment not elsewhere classified, Other environmental management not elsewhere classified, Other environmental policy, climate change and natural hazards not elsewhere classified, Freshwater assimilative¿¿capacity