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Investigation of the HMGB1-RAGE axis in airway wall remodelling in asthma

Project Member(s): Sukkar, M.

Funding or Partner Organisation: Asthma Australia Inc

Start year: 2013

Summary: Hypothesis: HMGB1 and RAGE are critical to the process of airway remodelling in asthma Aim 1: To establish the role of HMGB1 and RAGE in the development of airway remodelling in a chronic mouse model of allergen-induced asthma Aim 2: To determine molecular mechanisms by which HMGB1 and RAGE induce remodelling responses in airway epithelial and smooth muscle cells. Aim 3: To determine whether gene-gene interactions between RAGE and HMGB1 and putative pathways are related to severity and subphenotypes of asthma associated with remodelling.


Gold, MJ, Hiebert, PR, Park, HY, Stefanowicz, D, Le, A, Starkey, MR, Deane, A, Brown, AC, Liu, G, Horvat, JC, Ibrahim, ZA, Sukkar, MB, Hansbro, PM, Carlsten, C, VanEeden, S, Sin, DD, McNagny, KM, Knight, DA & Hirota, JA 2016, 'Mucosal production of uric acid by airway epithelial cells contributes to particulate matter-induced allergic sensitization.', Mucosal Immunology, vol. 9, no. 3, pp. 809-820.
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Wong, S, Ibrahim, Z, Wark, P & Sukkar, M 2015, 'SPARC: A DOWN-STREAM MEDIATOR OF TGF-BETA; WHICH MAY POTENTIALLY PLAY A ROLE IN CHRONIC AIRWAYS DISEASE', RESPIROLOGY, Thoracic Society Australia New Zealand Australian New Zealand Society Respiratory Science Annual Scientific Meeting 2015, WILEY-BLACKWELL, Queensland, AUSTRALIA, pp. 144-144.

Keywords: asthma, allergy, remodeling, HMGB1, RAGE, GWAS, epithelium, airway smooth muscle

FOR Codes: Respiratory Diseases, Respiratory System and Diseases (incl. Asthma)