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Virtue in Banking: Investigating the presence and absence of specific virtues in banking's self representations

Project Member(s): Simpson, A., Logue, D.

Start year: 2014

Summary: The aim of this project is to research the discourse of virtue within the banking sector. Inclusion and exclusion of virtues within the formal self-representations of banking in texts such as corporate reports, training programs, brochures and websites will be a focus of study. In particular, using longitudinal analysis, the research will compare rhetorical shifts in claims made prior and subsequent to the global financial crisis (GFC). This will parallel research shortly to commence that does the same type of analysis for specialist press coverage of the finance industry in the Australian Financial Review. Drawing on the data revealed by the content analyses interviews will be arranged with senior financial executives and banking stakeholders to reveal the more or less explicit language of virtue as used in everyday discourse. The objective is to document the discourse of virtue in banking, including how such discourse has changed in time, and thereby generate reflexivity on the influence of such discourse on practice.

Keywords: compassion, finance, virtue, ethics, corporate social responsibility

FOR Codes: Organisational Behaviour, Business Ethics