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Australian Agile Enterprise Architecture Study

Project Member(s): Gill, A.

Start year: 2013

Summary: Enterprise architecture (EA) is an emerging discipline that claims to support enterprise agility or transformation. There are a number of EA frameworks, standards, methods and tools for establishing an EA capability. Enterprises are showing a significant interested in the adoption of EA capability for enabling enterprise agility. However, enterprises are often unsure how to best adopt and integrate EA capability with other disciplines. If enterprises have already adopted and using EA capability, they need to understand and be able to evaluate how well they are using EA, and, further, how should they be using EA to effectively support enterprise agility. This study seeks to understand the EA goals, principles, adoption, use, maturity level, value contribution and challenges within the Australian government and non-government enterprises. This study will report EA adoption patterns and make recommendations on how to effectively establish, operate, manage, support and improve an agile enterprise architecture capability for enabling enterprise agility.

Keywords: Agile Enterprise Architecture, Enterprise Agility, Transformation

FOR Codes: Expanding Knowledge in the Information and Computing Sciences, Information And Computing Sciences, Information and Communication Services not elsewhere classified