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Evaluation of 8040 Forward Osmosis Module

Project Member(s): Shon, H., Phuntsho, S., Vigneswaran, S., Tijing, L.

Funding or Partner Organisation: Woongjin Chemical Co. Ltd. (Woongjin Chemical Co Ltd)

Start year: 2013

Summary: This project will evaluate Woong Chemical's 8040 membrane module. Different oprating parameters in terms of feed properties, draw solution properties, feed flow conditions and draw solution flow conditions will be investigated.


Chen, G, Wang, Z, Li, X-M, Song, J, Zhao, B, Phuntsho, S, Shon, HK & He, T 2016, 'Concentrating underground brine by FO process: Influence of membrane types and spacer on membrane scaling', Chemical Engineering Journal, vol. 285, pp. 92-100.
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Park, MJ, Nisola, GM, Vivas, EL, Limjuco, LA, Lawagon, CP, Seo, JG, Kim, H, Shon, HK & Chung, W-J 2016, 'Mixed matrix nanofiber as a flow-through membrane adsorber for continuous Li+ recovery from seawater', Journal of Membrane Science, vol. 510, pp. 141-154.
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Shon, H 2009, 'Membrane Technology for Organic Removal in Wastewater' in Water and Wastewater Treatment Technologies, UNESCO & Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems (EOLSS), Paris, France.

Keywords: 8040 module, forward osmosis, operating optimisation

FOR Codes: Physical and Chemical Conditions of Water for Urban and Industrial Use, Water Treatment Processes, Measurement and assessment of freshwater quality (incl. physical and chemical conditions of water) , Measurement and assessment of estuarine water quality