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Matching demonstrators' background with those of their students: does is make a difference? SD13-3429

Project Member(s): Braun, M.

Funding or Partner Organisation: Office for Learning & Teaching (Department of Education and Training) (Innovation and Development Grant Programme - OLT)

Start year: 2014

Summary: We aim to examine the effect of alignment between the background, ambitions, and views on teaching and learning of students and their demonstrators on student engagement and satisfaction in first year physics laboratories. As a result of the examination, we aim to make recommendations on demonstrators' recruitment, induction and professional development.


Kirkup, L, Varadharajan, M & Braun, M 2016, 'A comparison of student and demonstrator perceptions of laboratory-based, inquiry-oriented learning experiences', International Journal of Innovation in Science and Mathematics Education, vol. 24, no. 2, pp. 1-13.

KIRKUP, L, BRAUN, M, Varadharajan, M & BUFFLER, A 2016, Matching the background of demonstrators with those of their students: does it make a difference?.

Kirkup, L, Varadharajan, M, Braun, M, Buffler, A & Lubben, F 1970, 'Matching the background of demonstrators with those of their students: does it make a difference?', Students Transitions Achievement Retention and Success, Melbourne.

Keywords: Professional development, demonstrator

FOR Codes: Teacher and Instructor Development, Science, Technology and Engineering Curriculum and Pedagogy, Science, technology and engineering curriculum and pedagogy