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Large lecture rooms as collaborative learning environments using peer-learning, flipped learning and collaborative technologies.

Project Member(s): Schulte, J., Griffiths, N., Barratt-See, G.

Funding or Partner Organisation: New Organisation (New Fund Source)

Start year: 2014

Summary: This project will trial an approach to using large lecture rooms as collaborative learning spaces for very large student cohorts. It will pilot flipped learning, peer-learning and social media practices in the first-year subject Physical Modelling. Specially designed, collaborative activities will be partially flipped and then consolidated through structured peer-learning facilitated in lecture workshops. A team of UPASS trained leaders and the subject lecturer will work in the lecture room space with small groups of students. This interactive content delivery enhances student learning as they communicate in the language of the discipline. The workshops will be supported by social media technology.

Keywords: collaborative learning, peer-learning, flipped learning, large classes

FOR Codes: Management of Education and Training Systems, Higher Education