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Plotting the Pilbara's thermalscape for conserving climate sensitive species

Project Member(s): Ramp, D.

Funding or Partner Organisation: The Hermon Slade Foundation

Start year: 2014

Summary: Less subjective approaches for mapping and identifying the critical habitat of climate senstive species are needed, otherwise there is the chance that species will be lost before they are even discovered. This project aims to produce biologically relevant climatic maps of the Pilbara bioregion so that: 1. Detection probabilities of climatically sensitive species and their habitat are significantly increased, and 2. Subjectivity in the site selection process is removed and allows patch attributes (e.g. total size, shape, connectivity) to be calculated. Achieving these objectives will provide the important first steps towards becoming part of 'best-practice' methodology in biodiversity survey and assessment.

FOR Codes: Environmental Science and Management, Ecosystem Assessment and Management of Sparseland, Permanent Grassland and Arid Zone Environments, Terrestrial Ecology, Environmental management, Terrestrial ecology , Assessment and management of terrestrial ecosystems