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Lung Foundation Australia / Cochrane Airways Group small grant

Project Member(s): Davidson, P., Inglis, S.

Funding or Partner Organisation: Lung Foundation

Start year: 2014

Summary: Chronic diseases, such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) require a comprehensive and multi-dimensional approach to disease management that incorporate a range of integrated intervention strategies, for example exercise rehabilitation with self-management education (Global Initiative for Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease 2010, Make 2003, World Health Organisation 2004). Many of these discrete interventions are complex in both design and delivery and require distillation of essential elements: eg the type, frequency and level of intervention intensity as well as description of the workforce type and scope. Using a pre-specified and standardised taxonomy may assist in providing information to health providers and consumers in design of effective and appropriate interventions for COPD management (Krumholzet al 2006, Make 2003) (Figure 1). Understanding the most efficacious organisation, timing and sequencing of these interventions within a disease management approach, as well as resource requirements for these approaches are of high interest internationally and will inform policy, health care decisions and future research (Disleret al 2012, Effinget al 2007, Krumholzet al 2006, Make 2003). This overview will summarise evidence for non-pharmacological, non-surgical, non-device intervention strategies, highlight the current gaps in knowledge, provide recommendations for how best to report outcomes for these complex interventions and inform future program improvement and design. Specifically the evidence for pulmonary rehabilitation, self management programs, action plans as part of an integrated strategy and management guidelines, telehealthcare and outreach programs will be investigated.

Keywords: Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews, Non-pharmalogical, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

FOR Codes: Respiratory System and Diseases (incl. Asthma), Public Health and Health Services not elsewhere classified, Public health not elsewhere classified, Clinical health