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Recommending local vehicle charging standards: a comprehensive review of vehicle charging standards, international trends, Australian fleet trends

Project Member(s): Ji, J.

Funding or Partner Organisation: AutoCRC Ltd

Start year: 2014

Summary: Rationale: Australia has no charging standards at levels 2 & 3. Pick them and substantiate. Bonus points: Provide roadmaps for the current and emergent crop of charging standards - not just the physical interfaces, but the comms requirements beyond these. Cover demand response. Resources: FCAI EV working groups members, AAAA, overseas regulatory bodies. Skill sets potentially required: Solid literature review and familiarity in crafting relevant social/policy arguments. Interview skills for utilities, vehicle manufacturers alike. Potential IP issues: None, unless discussing manufacturer-specific roadmaps beyond public disclosure. Industry strategic value: High near-term.

Keywords: vehicle charging; charging standards

FOR Codes: Automotive Engineering, Automotive Equipment