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Evaluation of an Embedded Smoking Cessation Campaign (Stage 2)

Project Member(s): Macnamara, J.

Funding or Partner Organisation: Cancer Institute NSW

Start year: 2014

Summary: The proposed study will evaluate the impact of a social marketing initiative of the anti-smoking program of the Cancer Institute NSW. This initiative involves media partnerships which will result in quit smoking storylines being embedded into a television reality program and a television drama. The study will assess the impact of these storylines on smokers┬┐ cognitive and behavioural outcomes, using a natural exposure methodology. The study will use pre-and post-surveys to measure responses to television content in a natural setting (i.e., at home) comparing those exposed to embedded content with a control group not exposed to the content. Smokers will be selected from an online panel based on their media habits, choosing those who regularly engage with the types of television program used. The pre-exposure survey will confirm media habits and collect baseline measures on relevant cognitive/behavioural outcomes. The post-exposure survey will be completed within a week of exposure, collecting information on whether participants watched the program which contained the embedded content, whether they recalled the content, their responses to the content, and cognitive/behavioural outcomes. The main outcomes of interest are recall of content, responses to content, specific knowledge and beliefs related to the content and quitting-related thoughts, intentions, and behaviours.


Macnamara, JR & Dessaix, A 1970, 'The ethics of 'embedded' media content: Product placement and 'advertorial' on steroids', Refereed proceedings of the Australian and New Zealand Communication Association Annual Conference 2014, Australian and New Zealand Communication Association Conference, Australian and New Zealand Communication Association, Swinburne University, Melbourne, pp. 1-21.

Keywords: Evaluation, survey, anti-smoking campaign

FOR Codes: Communication and Media Studies, Communication not elsewhere classified