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Gender Equality Analysis for the Fisheries Sector in Solomon Islands

Project Member(s): Barclay, K.

Funding or Partner Organisation: The World Bank

Start year: 2014

Summary: The Pacific Regional Oceanscape Program [PROP] is to enable the participating Pacific Island Countries to capture greater economic benefits from sustainable management of the regions oceanic and coastal fisheries, and the critical habitats that sustain them. Enhancement of food security through better management of coastal fisheries, value chain development for high value exports and expanding opportunities for women entrepreneurs are sub-objectives. The total PROP Program will be implemented in three phases over a Program period of 9-10 years. This project is to contribute to a better understanding of: Opportunities to increase formal sector employment for women in the fisheries sector; Current working conditions, and opportunities to improve the working conditions for women in the fisheries sector; Access to finance and other business support for women entrepreneurs; Any data gaps related to women in the fisheries sector, and opportunities available to narrow such gaps; Reported incidents of sexual and gender based violence in communities where fisheries are a significant source of income C. SCOPE OF WORK This work requires a three-pronged approach: 1. Literature and Data Review; 2. An analytical report on the fisheries sector value chain in Solomon Islands including, the current role of women employed in the fisheries sector, with a particular emphasis on coastal fisheries, the current working conditions and the net incomes for those women, the subsequent effect on household livelihoods, any identified constraints prohibiting womens formal employment or entrepreneurial opportunities in the sector and any identified social harms that are directly related to the fisheries sector; and 3. Recommendation of data gaps related to women in the fisheries sector which could be incorporated into the Pacific Regional Oceanscape Project and/ or other future fisheries projects.

Keywords: coastal fisheries, Pacific Islands, gender

FOR Codes: Gender Specific Studies, Gender and Sexualities, Fisheries Sciences not elsewhere classified, Fisheries - Wild Caught not elsewhere classified