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Evidence to Practice Grant - Improving Breast Screening Rates for Indian and Sri Lankan Women (Campaign Evaluation)

Project Member(s): Macnamara, J., DiGiacomo, M., Prior, J.

Funding or Partner Organisation: Cancer Institute NSW

Start year: 2014

Summary: The Multicultural Health Communicatrion Service (MHCS) of the NSW Department of Health in partnership with the NSW Refugee Health Service and with UTS - FASS as academic partner submitted an application to the Cancer Institute NSW for one of its Evidence to Practice Grants to explore ways of increasing breast cancer screening among Indian and Sri Lankan women in NSW - a growing section of the State's CALD community and a high-risk sector. MHCS and the NSW Refugee Health Service will undertake research among the target group to identify awareness, attitudes and behaviour in relation to breast screening, to identify barriers to breast screening, to identify community partnerships, champions and education campaign opportunities to increase breast cancer screening among these groups. The research will involve interviews with health professionals working in this field and community organisations and a survey of women in the target group, as well as a literature search to identify best practice and international learnings in relation to breast screen among CALD communities.

Keywords: Health, breast screening, breast cancer, health communication, health education

FOR Codes: Communication and Media Studies, Communication not elsewhere classified