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Testing a novel green wall system for bioparticle emission and the abatement of indoor air pollution

Project Member(s): Torpy, F.

Funding or Partner Organisation: Junglefy Pty Ltd

Start year: 2014

Summary: Aims and Objectives The proposed project will provide a thorough assessment of the capacity of the Junglefy green wall system to improve the two major components of indoor air pollution, along with an assessment of its aerobiological safety. The project will be performed in three distinct sections. The specific aims of the proposed project are: Part 1: Microbiological safety of the system 1. Assess whether the system emanates bioparticles, including culturable airborne fungi and Legionella spp. Part 2: Air quality bioamelioration capacity of the system 2. Determine the volatile organic compound (VOC) biodegradation capacity of the system, using benzene as a model VOC. 3. Determine the carbon dioxide draw down capacity of the system. Part 3: Optimisation of the operating parameters of the system and field trials 4. Assess whether varying airflow rates to the system affects its capacity to remove VOCs and CO2. 5. To develop and optimise the air quality improvement capacity of the system. Compare the relative air quality improvement capacity of several selected plant species, and to test the effect of changing light levels and airflow rates on CO2 removal capacity and provide recommendations on the most efficient combination for this application. 6. Compare laboratory findings with field trials using test rooms and previously installed systems.


Irga, PJ, Abdo, P, Zavattaro, M & Torpy, FR 2017, 'An assessment of the potential fungal bioaerosol production from an active living wall', Building and Environment, vol. 111, pp. 140-146.
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Keywords: greenwall, air quality

FOR Codes: Urban and Industrial Air Quality, Environmental Biotechnology, Air quality