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Australian Leadership Capability Standard

Project Member(s): Josserand, E., Green, R., Simpson, A., Agarwal, R., Hermens, A.

Funding or Partner Organisation: Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations (Department of Education Employment and Workplace Relations Fund)

Start year: 2014

Summary: There is ample evidence of existing gaps in Australian leadership capabilities. However, as demonstrated by the most recent studies, it is also clear that a series of insightful diagnostic initiatives didn't succeed in filling these gaps. This might be linked to a fragmentation of the recommendations derived from these studies and to a lack of continuity in implementing these recommendations. One of the key contributions of the ALCS will thus be to ensure continuity in measurement, improvement efforts and monitoring of the impact of such efforts.


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Hermens, A, Simpson, A & Berti, M 2016, 'Under new management, tradition of innovation and innovation of tradition: the case of constructive disruption in a family firm', 30th Anzam Conference 2016 program, 30th Australian New Zealand Academy of Management Conference being held at QUT Gardens Point Campus, Brisbane., Brisbane.

Hermens, A & Hermens, H 2015, 'Managing for Peak Performance: retailer preference and consumer decision making', 29th ANZAM Conference 2015, Australian and New Zealand Academy of Management Conference, ANZAM, Queenstown, New Zealand.

Keywords: Leadership capabilities, productivity

FOR Codes: Economics, Business and Management Curriculum and Pedagogy, Management