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Investigation of effective damage detection algorithms for structural health monitoring of large iconic bridges using vibration measurements

Project Member(s): Li, J.

Funding or Partner Organisation: National ICT Australia

Start year: 2014

Summary: The current research on the Sydney Harbour Bridge mainly focuses on monitoring local regions on the Jack arches. Moreover, monitoring is done for only a particular type of failure mechanism. The identification of local failure is crucial to the bridge manager to maintain such an iconic structure. Local monitoring of damage on large structures does not provide information about the global behaviour of the structure. Therefore, it is critical to start considering a network of sensors (currently installed on the bridge) and study their behaviour in order to identify global structural deterioration on the bridge. This project will extend current research for engineering applications by exploring the vibration-based damage detection method. Finite element models for the whole structure will be produced to develop a better understanding of the dynamic behaviour of the structure and its response to damage. The results produced from the finite element model and data collected from the Sydney Harbour Bridge will be used to predict the sub-global and global behaviour of the bridge due to damage


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Keywords: Damage Detection, Structural Health Monitoring, Vibration Measurements, Finite Element

FOR Codes: Commercial Building Management and Services, Structural Engineering, Structural engineering