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Community Participation - Central to Eveleigh Urban Renewal and Transport Program

Project Member(s): Ryan, R.

Funding or Partner Organisation: UrbanGrowth NSW

Start year: 2014

Summary: In March 2014, UrbanGrowth NSW contracted the Centre to design and deliver five two-hour focus groups and a two hour workshop with community and resident interest groups surrounding the Central to Eveleigh Urban Renewal Corridor (the corridor). The purpose of the focus groups and workshop was to test draft principles developed by UrbanGrowth NSW to guide long term planning for the corridor and identify community views towards key issues under six theme areas developed following an initial round of consultation in November 2013. Focus group participants were selected using the innovative recruitment framework developed by the Centre to ensure demographic, spatial and values based diversity of everyday community members participating in planning.

Keywords: Community participation, focus groups, masterplan, planning, strategic planning, workshops

FOR Codes: Community Planning, Public Policy, Urban Planning