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Reducing the Rollover Risk of Bulk Liquid Tankers

Project Member(s): Hussain, F.

Funding or Partner Organisation: Department of Industry, Innovation and Science (Research Connections (Formerly Researcher in Business))
Byford Equipment Pty Ltd

Start year: 2015

Summary: Bulk liquid tankers are widely used for the road transport of petroleum, LNG, milk, solvents and many other fluids. They are involved in approximately 2 accidents per month on Australian roads and rollovers are a major cause. Tankers can be particularly vulnerable to rollover when they are partially full and moving around a curve. This causes the fluid to move to one side of the tank, raising the centre of gravity and increasing the propensity to rollover. Baffles are generally included to compartmentalise the tank volume and control fluid movement. However, preliminary work by Byford shows that the fluid movement is complex and the optimum baffle configuration is not clear. The first step towards reducing rollover risk is to obtain data relating the tanker¿s orientation and motion to significant variables such as fill level, speed, accelerations, suspension set-up and baffle configuration. The second step will be to establish a safe operating envelope through modelling and trials. The third step will be to develop engineering solutions through tanker design and/or monitoring systems. The current project addresses the first step only.

Keywords: Rollover, Data Analytics, Cloud Computing

FOR Codes: Computer Software, Artificial Intelligence and Image Processing not elsewhere classified, Application Software Packages (excl. Computer Games)