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Driving health care efficiencies and patient care outcomes by improving communication in acute to primary transitions of care

Funding: 2014: $42,045
2015: $85,795
2016: $87,500
2017: $43,750

Project Member(s): Dunston, R.

Funding or Partner Organisation: Capital Health Networks (Capital Health Partner Funds)
Central Adelaide Local Health Network Incorporated (Central Adelaide Local Health Network)
Australian Research Council (ARC Linkage Projects)
Ramsay Healthcare (Ramsay Healthcare Partner Funds)
Department of Health Western Australia (Western Australia Department of Health Partnership Fund)
ACT Health (ACT Health Partnership Fund)

Start year: 2015

Summary: Communication problems are a major contributor to poor outcomes for patients transferring from acute to primary care, accounting for 41% of preventable hospital readmissions. This project aims to identify risk factors for readmission and barriers to successful transitions of care for high-risk patient groups (including the elderly, paediatric and mental health patients) and to apply these findings to provide effective, measurable and cost-efficient protocols to improve discharge transition outcomes for patients, carers and = health service providers. Research outcomes will have generalisable relevance to Australian healthcare settings and include the development of ¿The Safe Transition Communications Tool.¿

Keywords: health communication; transitions of care; patient safety.

FOR Codes: Health and Community Services, Nursing not elsewhere classified, Discourse and Pragmatics, Health not elsewhere classified