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Advice to CRC for Low Carbon Living On project RP2005 Urban Microclimates

Project Member(s): Smith, G.

Funding or Partner Organisation: University of South Australia

Start year: 2013

Summary: Advisory and review contract sevices role to project CRC for Low Carbon Living Project RP2005 ┬┐Urban Micro Climates: Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide┬┐ project manager University of South Australia, Zero Waste Research Centre for Sustainable Design and Behaviours Draft contract from UniSA in hand for UTS approval . No IP involved as advice services only not R&D though activities link to R&D at UTS. Travel costs (but not accomdation) to CRC workshops also covered Grant awarded to myself mid 2013 for AUD$10,500, $3,500 payable annually (End of each financial year- one now due) via tax invoice to UniSA . UniSA just updated their contracts and want this one now formalised.

Keywords: Urban Heat Island, Cooling in Cities

FOR Codes: Residential Energy Conservation and Efficiency, Urban Planning, Urban Design, Energy Systems Analysis, Health not elsewhere classified, Building Science and Techniques