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Advice to CRC for Low Carbon Living On project RP2005 Urban Microclimates

Project Member(s): Smith, G.

Funding or Partner Organisation: University of South Australia

Start year: 2013

Summary: Advisory and review contract sevices role to project CRC for Low Carbon Living Project RP2005 ┬┐Urban Micro Climates: Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide┬┐ project manager University of South Australia, Zero Waste Research Centre for Sustainable Design and Behaviours Draft contract from UniSA in hand for UTS approval . No IP involved as advice services only not R&D though activities link to R&D at UTS. Travel costs (but not accomdation) to CRC workshops also covered Grant awarded to myself mid 2013 for AUD$10,500, $3,500 payable annually (End of each financial year- one now due) via tax invoice to UniSA . UniSA just updated their contracts and want this one now formalised.

Keywords: Urban Heat Island, Cooling in Cities

FOR Codes: Residential Energy Conservation and Efficiency, Urban Planning, Urban Design, Energy Systems Analysis, Health not elsewhere classified, Building Science and Techniques, Building information modelling and management, Residential energy efficiency, Energy systems and analysis